Clarifications: New Competition Rules

Clarifications issued by the World Taekwondo Federation Referee Committee's for some issues on the Application of New Competition Rules

Clarifications (As of April 26, 2017)


1. Application of Gam-jeom penalty for "lifting the leg or cut kick motion":
- "Cut kick motion" shall be interpreted as any kicking motion BELOW THE WAIST (Trunk PSS)
- No penalty shall be given when ONE time of kicking motion BELOW THE WAIST is followed by execution of kicking technique in combination motion
- If two times of kicking motion or more than two times of kicking motions below the waist is followed by execution of kicking technique in  combination motion, then Gam-jeom shall be given and points shall be invalidated if any.
- The first kick was landed on leg of opponent, and the second kick was scored by head PSS  Gam-jeom shall be given for kicking below the  waist, and 3 points shall be invalidated by center referee.

2. Gam-jeom for falling down shall be given even when referee COUNTS for knock down.

3. If either HAND(s) or ARM(s) is CROSSING the body of opponent, then this act may be interpreted as grabbing and gam-jeom shall be given.

4. In golden point round, coach is allowed to request IVR for following case:

Ex) the coach believed that punch was scored by the judges faster than opponent kick which was scored by trunk PSS  Review jury must check video as well as scoring log sheet from PSS.

5. When referee forgot to invalidate points related to a prohibited act after declaration of “gam-jeom” for the behavior, then coach may request IVR. Also referee or judge may request for the meeting for correction WITHIN 5  SECONDS FROM THE INCIDENT.

6. Referee's decision to the case of injury or pain caused by the opponent's Gam-jeom behavior

- If referee considers the degree of injury or pain is not serious he/she can ask the contestant to resume the match by declaring "stand-up". If the contestant would not resume the match after the referee gives the command  “stand up” three times, the referee shall declare he or she as loser by ‘Referee  Stops Contest’ (RSC)
- If referee considers the injury or pain is serious he/she may call "Kye-shi" and ask commission doctor to check.
- Referee may resume the match by declaring "stand-up" call during any time of the "Kye-shi" time when he/she considered the contestant is ready to resume the match.
- Only referee or commission doctor shall decide the "contestant's incapability of fighting". Referee may consult commission doctor's  professional advisor on the injury.

7. Wrong gam-jeom hand signal.
- A wrong Gam-jeom signal by referee may cause cancellation of the Gam-jeom penalty. For example, Referee showed gam-jeom signal of kick aiming below the waist for grabbing, and the coach requested for removal of gam-jeom for kick aiming below the waist  Review jury must remove gam-jeom, because there was no kick aiming below the waist in video.

Clarifications Source: World Taekwondo Federation